Faruk Arınç
Professor Emeritus

Activities: Secretary General of the International Centre for Heat and Mass Transfer (ICHMT).

Derek Baker

Research Interests: Concentrating solar thermal; Solar thermal electricity; Renewable energy supported smart micro-grids; Nearly zero energy buildings and districts; Geothermal energy.

Özgür Bayer
Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Thermodynamics; Experimental and numerical heat transfer; Refrigeration; Radiative cooling; HVAC&R systems.

F. Nazlı Dönmezer Akgün
Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Micro and nanoscale heat transfer; Multiscale thermal modeling; Electrothermal modeling; Thermal characterization; Thermophysical properties; Plasmonics.

Almıla Güvenç Yazıcıoğlu
Associate Professor

Research Interests: Microscale heat transfer and fluid dynamics; Microchannel cooling; Heat transfer enhancement using nanofluids.

Feyza Kazanç
Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Combustion; Solid fuels; Alternative fuels; Biomass; Clean coal combustion technology; Gasification; Oxy-fuel combustion; Chemical looping; Emission characterization; Fluidized beds; Drop tube furnace.

H. Tuba Okutucu Özyurt
Associate Professor

Research Interests: Heat transfer at the nano- and microscale; Electronics/optics cooling; Experimental investigation of nanofluid behavior in microchannels; Radiative heat transfer; Energy harvesting.

İlker Tarı
Associate Professor

Research Interests: Fuel cells; Thermal energy storage; Radiative transfer; Solid particle solar absorption; Fluidized beds; Numerical modelling of thermofluids systems; Thermal management of electronics.

Onur Taylan
Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Alternative energy conversion systems; Thermal and chemical energy storage; Non-thermal plasma applications; Radiative transfer; Biomass; Concentrating solar energy; Renewable energy supported micro-grids.

Cemil Yamalı
Associate Professor

Research Interests: Heat transfer; Thermodynamics; Solar energy.